Wiebe & Jeske Burial & Cremation Care Providers

About Us

What Services Do We Offer?
We provide all of the same services that are provided by other funeral homes, from a Simple Disposition without a Tribute, to a Memorial Tribute, Graveside Tribute or a full Traditional Funeral Tribute with viewing and Burial.

Our difference is that we are an Abbotsford funeral home that is able to provide our services with more convenience and at considerably less cost. Our fee structure is designed so that you only pay for services that you have requested. We don’t factor in fees for items or services you wouldn’t need or use.

How Do We Operate?
We conduct our initial arrangement conference in the security and comfort of your own home, usually around your kitchen or dining room table. We generally allow approximately two hours for the arrangement conference and advise you on all aspects of the services you request.

Why Home Arrangements?
Home arrangements give you the security of making difficult decisions at a vulnerable time in your own comfortable environment. The home arrangement conference alleviates the need for you to visit a funeral home and the commercial pressures found within them.

Do We Have A Funeral Home?
Of course. Some families still prefer to come to us. Our funeral home has a well-appointed office/reception area, arrangement conference room, preparation/embalming facilities, cold room or morgue, crematorium, as well as a viewing room or identification room designed to resemble a comfortable home atmosphere.

Our Abbotsford funeral home does not have a chapel on premise. But, our central location enables us to provide efficient professional service to the entire lower mainland. Wiebe & Jeske Burial and Cremation Care Providers Ltd. are registered as a Full Service Provider pursuant to the Cremation Interment and Funeral Services Act with the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority of BC.

Where Do We Hold Our Services?
Funeral Tributes or Memorial Tributes are held in your church, a church we provide for you, or a non-denominational chapel. Memorial Tributes may also be held in your home, your apartment or condominium’s reception or recreation room, a Legion or a convenient hotel or community hall, as well as many restaurants or golf and country clubs. Most also offer convenient reception facilities at a fraction of the cost of most funeral homes.

Are We Affordable?
Yes! By designing our facilities without a chapel we keep our expenses low. Lower overhead expenses enable us to provide more affordable services for you.

Who Are We?
Jake Wiebe, Barry Jeske and Staff have a combined experience of over 100 years in funeral service in British Columbia. We have a passion for helping and are passionate about our chosen profession. We recognize the personal and intimate nature of funeral service and strive to provide high standards of service without compromise.

Wiebe & Jeske Burial and Cremation Care Providers Ltd. are an independently owned and operated Abbotsford funeral home and crematorium. Our family ownership makes us accountable to the families we assist and responsible for the services we provide. Proudly, we provide Straight Talk, Ethical Service, Affordable Fees and Compassionate People, with No Surprises.