Products Overview

The directors at Wiebe & Jeske can help you with all your arrangement choices.  We have a wide selection of urns and caskets to choose from as well as other merchandise such as stationery, permanent memorials and memento and keepsake urns.

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Urns from $45

The purpose of the cremation urn is to provide a container for the cremated remains of your loved one. The urn may be subsequently taken to a cemetery for ground burial or placed in a columbarium niche or kept at home;

Or you might choose a keepsake urn or jewellery to hold a small portion of the cremated remains. There are a variety of types and styles and many can be personalized. View Urns

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Caskets from $695

The purpose of the casket is to act as a dignified vessel to hold the body of your loved one.

They are available in a variety of exterior materials, wood, metal and cloth covered.

We also have a rental casket if your choice is a traditional service with cremation. View Caskets

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Other Merchandise

We are pleased to offer a variety of other products such as stationary and cemetery markers. View Other Merchandise